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I Read Fanfic Therefore I Am-Crossovers

Now there's nothing I like more than a good crossover. To me a good crossover is defined as taking two or more TV shows and bringing them together in such a way as to keep the integrity of the seperate shows intact. Below you will find some of my favorite sources for Crossover fiction in Gen, Slash And Hetero ratings. (See bottom for Warning/Definition Link)

Gen-PG13 Fiction Sites

Crossover Corner  Anime Crossovers  NEW!!!!
Arvy's XF/HL/FK/ST Fanfic
Buffy/Highlander Crossover Index
Crys's Scribblings
General Hospital and Port Charles Fanfiction NEW!!!!
Kevin Matsumoto's FK/HL/XF webpage
RPG gamer Video game based crossover fic  NEW!!!!
Section Seven Chronicles The Biggest crossovers I ever saw with the most amazing stories, definately one of my all time favorites. This page isn't updated often but the stories appear more regularly on the next link below.
Wandererverse  Many Buffy Crossovers including Section Seven Chronicles And Richard Ruth's- Highlander/ Buffy/ Kindred: The Embraced /Poltergeist: The Legacy crossover
Journeyverse  Hosted on the Wandererverse site features a running story which sees Xander leaving on his road trip and running into some very unusual people, ie Fandoms include - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, The Pretender, Seven Days, Stargate SG1, Martial Law, - Mack Bolan : The Executioner and the films, Aliens, Predator, The Shadow and John Carpenters : Vampires  NEW!!!!
The Corellian Embassy  Star Wars Crossover Fic (Among others)NEW!!!!
The Eclectic Reading Room Highlander/Stargate SG1  NEW!!!!
XSF Crossover fiction NEW!!!!
X-Over Fanfic Archive  NEW!!!!

Andromeda Fanfiction Links-Adult (hetero)

The Sunnydale St-Louis Connection Anita Blake/BTVS Crossover Fanfiction  NEW!!!!
Wrestling Fate BTVS/WWE Crossovers NEW!!!!
Crossovers Crossover stories la femme Nikita/KFTLC Stories Highlander/JAG story. NEW!!!!

Adult/Slash Sites

Beyond Friendship  Boyband, BTVS and crossover Slash. NEW!!!!
She's Back!!! D'Nalia has a new site  D'Nalias Twisted WorldAs before code required. Details on first page of site.
Voracity's Imaginings  Amazing crossovers in Poltergeist: The Legacy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Highlander and Sentinel. With stories in single fandom also, I can deinately recomend the Alignment series which got me hooked on this writers stories. NEW URL!!

Mailing Lists

At Yahoo
    1. - allcrossovershere = crossover fiction
    2. AngelWillowCrossovers
    3. AngelXoverSlash
    4. - BloodtiesArchivist = Announcement list for the "Bloodties" fiction universe
    5. buffy-vs-xena
    6. - btvs_wwe_fanfic = BTVS/WWE Crossoverfic NEW!!!!
    7. - crossing_over Crossover Fanfiction
    8. - CrossoverFictionCentral Crossover Fanfiction
    9. - crossoverhaven = Crossover Fanfiction
    10. - crossovermania Crossover Fanfiction
    11. Crossfiction_Roswell
    12. - darkmidnight = Angel/X-Men Crossover
    13. - fanfictioncrossovercentral = Crossover Fanfiction NEW!!!!
    14. - fanfictioncrossoverzones = Crossover Fanfiction NEW!!!!
    15. - ficcrossings = Crossover Fanfiction NEW!!!!
    16. - hpcrossovers = Harry Potter Crossovers NEW!!!!
    17. - hellmoutheast =BTVS/Highlander crossovers
    18. HighlanderCrossovers
    19. - imaginings = BTVS/ Poltergeist : The Legacy/ The Sentinel + others
    20. - JadedStatues = Crossover List Smallville/Batman NEW!!!!
    21. - Journeyverse = Crossover List Primary Show BTVS/? NEW!!!!
    22. - MagicVampireCrossovers = Crossovers ( Includes Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Harry Potter, Labyrinth, and The Anita Blake Books) NEW!!!!
    23. - Quicksilver = BTVS/Highlander + Others
    24. - quest-slayer = BTVS/Johnny Quest crossover
    25. Roswell_Crossovers
    26. - sentinelXovers
    27. - SunnydaleConnection = Anita Blake/BTVS Crossovers NEW!!!!
    28. trek-xover
    29. - TVxover
    30. - Two_Dark_Angels
    31. - Wandererverse = Update list for Wandererverse the site with the most shows crossed over that I have seen NEW!!!!
    32. WillowCrossings
    33. - willowlovesmwthos = BTVS/Highlander crossover Willow/Methos NEW!!!!
    34. - WillowxoverswiththeWWE = BTVS/WWE Crossovers Willow Centric NEW!!!!
    35. - xover
    36. - xoverfic
    37. - XXXoverFic
    38. - X-OverFanFic
    39. - XSF-Updates

Fan Email ListsFan Email Lists is a central place to find ALL fan email lists, regardless of fandom or list server, whether gen, het, slash, RP, discussion, fiction, art, website updates or fan gatherings

As with all things these days we have a choice, if you don't like a certain type of story then by all means don't read it.

Warnings/Definitions****READ THIS****

You're probably very bored with hearing this but I'll say it again, They are Not Mine! The characters, shows and any recognisable concepts belong to their respective owners.

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